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New York born; Haitian bred. Need I say more? LoL. Without going into a full-on curriculum vitae let me share the basics…

I'm a travel loving, live to make you laugh, will travel for food city girl. My love of travel was inspired by my immigrant parents who traveled out of necessity so I could one day travel through privilege (the blue passport makes a difference). My Haitian grandmother fostered a love for cooking and entertaining mostly because she didn't want me hanging out at other people's homes. Ask any of your Haitian friends and they'll probably share a similar story of "no sleep overs". My grandfather, a self-made man, (in the real sense), taught the family we can do anything, be anyone, and go anywhere we were committed and disciplined to make happen.

With my foundation laid, I followed the rules (most of the time), completed the (parent/family) required schooling and headed out into the real world. As the successes and accolades piled on, I still found myself longing for more than the 9-5 rat race. 

It has taken years for me to realize and accept the privilege of being part of a generation who can rewrite our story, rather than forced to live the story written for me. This blog has come out of my diverse experiences and to share my story; the truths, trials, and successes.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community. Did I touch on something you've experienced and want advice? Send me a message. Do you have a similar trial or triumph? Share your story.  Let's make this "adulting" road easier by doing it together. 

Thank you so much for being part of this community and joining me on this ride.

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